Benedict will hold office hours at the following times this week, in AKW (51 Prospect St.), Room 202

Course Description

Introduction to Computer Programming is the first course in our series introducing students to computer science. In this class you will learn the fundamentals of computer programming in Java, with emphasis on applications in science and engineering. You will also learn about the broader field of computer science and algorithmic thinking, the fundamental approach that computer scientists take to solving problems.



New This Year

While the content will be similar to last year's class, we're pleased to announce several changes that should make the course more accessible and manageable regardless of your background:


Please register for a free PollEverywhere account using your Yale e-mail address. We will be using PollEverywhere for in-class polls, which will count for a portion of your grade.


Please join the Piazza message board. Most announcements will be made via piazza rather than on the web site. They will never be made via Canvas.

Suggested Textbooks

There is no required textbook for {{FULL_COURSE}}, but we strongly recommend getting one or the other of: